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A Bridge to Success for Refugee Families
Project Transition provides support through programs that help educate, encourage, and counsel refugees in Palm Beach County. Our personalized assistance helps refugees acquire critical English skills and training that lead to employment and career advancement. Project Transition provides free interpreters and other communications-related assistance for persons who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Our Mission

Project Transition offers hope to refugees. We empower individuals through education to improve employability, increase self-sufficiency, and facilitate cultural adaptation.

Services Offered

Refugees enrolled in Project Transition can select from a variety of classes including Trade, Medical, Business & Finance, English Instruction, Personal Services and Computer courses.
• ESOL Classes from Basic to Advanced
• Intensive Advanced English and Academic proficiency Class
• Translation of diplomas & credentials
• Classes to assist in TABE & GED tests
• Computer training courses in English
• Online distance classes
• Free bus passes
• Subsidized childcare
• Referrals to FREE vocational training
• Resume writing workshops
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To register, call  561-687-6381

Class Locations

Gold Coast Community School
4260 Westgate Ave, West Palm Beach, FL 33409
Call 561 687-6381 to register

John I Leonard Community High School
4701 10th Ave N, Greenacres, FL 33463
Call 561 687-6381 to register

To be eligible for Project Transition, students must be:

Review requirements below before making an appointment

Who qualifies for Project Transition services?
  • Asylees of all nationalities (first five years)
  • Refugees of all nationalities (first five years)
  • Cuban/Haitian entrants (including asylum applicants)
  • Amerasians
  • Lawful permanent residents who adjusted from prior refugee, entrant or asylum status
  • Certified victims of human trafficking
  • Special immigrants from Iraq or Afghanistan
Required documentation for the appointment
  • I-94 Form
  • Social Security card or SS application letter
  • Employment Authorization card
  • Permanent Residence card
  • Driver license or Florida ID
  • Asylum Letter of Order/Approval
  • Asylum Application Receipt (for entrants and/or parolees from Cuba or Haiti only)
  • Employment information or referral from ORR Services, Youth COOP, or Workforce One

Contact Us

We Are Here to Assist You

Main Number: 561-687-6370
Spanish: 561-687-6381
Creole: 561-687-6379
Office Hours  8 am - 5 pm

Gold Coast Community High School
4260 Westgate Avenue
West Palm Beach, FL 33409
One block southeast of the intersection of Okeechobee and Military Trail

Project Transition Program Supervisor
561 687-6371
PX 76371

Data Coordinator
561 687-6373
PX 76373

561 687-6380
PX 76380

Intake Advisor, Spanish
561 687-6381
PX 76381

ESOL Testing
561 687-6382
PX 76382

Financial Analyst
561 687-6372
PX 76372

Intake Advisor, Creole
561 687-6379
PX 76379

Take the GED® Test

The GED® test is a computer-based test with multiple choice, short answer and essay questions. Students must take the test at an authorized testing center.utorizado.

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GED® en Español

El GED® es un equivalente al diploma del bachillerato, también conocido en Latinoamérica como escuela secundaria o escuela preparatoria.

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Learn a Trade

Explore various trades through our Pre-Apprenticeship Program while also advancing your academic skills. Trades include Plumbing, HVAC, Carpentry, Electrical & Welding. It is delivered by Florida Training Services, an FDOE approved provider.

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Become a US citizen

Prepare to become a U.S. citizen!
In this class, we will prepare you for the:
  • Citizenship interview
  • Citizenship test
  • Citizenship application
  • The naturalization process and required documentation
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