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The purpose of the Department of Extended Learning is to facilitate opportunities for quality afterschool and summer programs which meet the fundamental needs common to all students during out-of-school time. This department serves as a support department for principals and site directors running Palm Beach County Public Schools out-of-school time programs. Our programs seek to provide a safe, secure environment in which children can be involved in wholesome, enriching activities. Our program sites seek to deliver high-quality out-of-school time experiences for our 25,000+ enrolled students.

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We are located at 4260 Westgate Avenue, West Palm Beach, FL 33409.

Phone: (561) 687-6387

Fax: (561) 687-6393

Out-of-school time programs provide a structured, safe and enriching environment for Palm Beach County School District students. Programs may include:

Our mission.

To work collaboratively with stakeholders to provide high quality programs in a safe, secure environment during out-of-school hours

Our purpose.

To facilitate opportunities for quality out-of-school time programs which meet the fundamental needs common to all students. It is important that students have access to the best possible opportunities to develop into healthy, well-adjusted and responsible adults.

Find an afterschool program near you.

There are currently 94 elementary afterschool programs and 36 middle school afterschool programs operated by District staff. Afterschool site directors at each site are able to assist with any questions you have about the afterschool program. Click here to find an elementary afterschool program near you.

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