Need an afterschool program?  It's as easy as...


Find a Program and Register

Afterschool is open to elementary school students in the School District of Palm Beach County, including incoming kindergartners and outgoing fifth graders.  Applicants are registered on a first come, first serve basis.  Students cannot register in the afterschool program if they have any outstanding balances in the District.

Steps to registering your child:


Review the Parent Handbook

A parent/guardian handbook is distributed at the time of registration, and includes all information listed below as well as any additional policies of the afterschool program.  For questions or concerns, contact the afterschool site director.

  • Hours of operation
  • Fee schedule and payment policies
  • Arrival and dismissal procedures
  • Early dismissal dates of operation
  • Clothing requirements
  • Discipline plans and policies
  • Procedures for illness and injury
  • Afterschool program contact info
  • Program schedule


Pay Afterschool Fees

Fees are calculated per month based on contracted attendance and prorated throughout the year. Students must be enrolled for the entire month. Students who are not in attendance every day, enroll mid-month, or who miss a day because of illness (or other reason) are still responsible for payment of the period they are enrolled in the program.  Contact the afterschool site director for fee information specific to each afterschool site.

Steps to paying afterschool fees:

  • Pay registration fee at school site.
  • Pay monthly fees at school site via check, cash, or money order.