The first School District in the nation to earn national Building Department Accreditation by International Accreditation Service (IAS).
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Building Code Services ensures the highest quality schools through design development, code compliance and contract oversight to enhance the educational environment.



Building Code Services is the authority having jurisdiction to enforce the Florida Building Code and the Florida Fire Prevention Code.  In this role, the Department reviews construction plans, issues building permits and conducts inspections to ensure safety through building and fire code compliance. The types of permits include all new school construction, alterations, maintenance, demolition, additions and portable relocation projects.

The Department also conducts required annual fire safety and comprehensive safety inspections for all schools and ancillary facilities and performs required annual bleacher and grandstand structural adequacy inspections.  It provides technical assistance with ADA regulatory compliance.

The Department develops and maintains the District construction design criteria and master specifications including providing technical assistance with LEED (green) design initiatives.  It also maintains the archive of completed construction drawings and construction specifications.  It assists schools and other departments by providing in-house architectural and engineering design and support. The Department also reviews charter school applications and renewals.