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Thank you for your support



The School District of Palm Beach County Partners In Education program is an enterprising initiative that allows businesses and community organizations to support public education in Palm Beach County. The partnerships are dynamic, innovative, mutually beneficial, and contribute significantly to educating students and preparing them to be successful in the global market place. Becoming a Partner In Education is an opportunity for the academic and business community to unite in a way that enhances the learning environment for students. Resources offered by businesses and community organizations (volunteers, funding, equipment, materials, and assistance with special needs) positively impact student achievement and enrich the lives of students.


handsPartnerships can be big or small and involve financial, human and in-kind resources that help meet the needs of schools, students, and teachers. Palm Beach County (PBC) schools and departments can use your help with improving education for students in PBC schoolsClick here to see schools/departments needs. Businesses and community organizations can work with one school/department, or they can work with multiple schools/departments, or even the entire district. To get engaged or find out how you can partner with the School District, please Click here to fill out and submit an ebusiness partnership agreement form (1570). Once you have completed the ebusiness partnership agreement form, the district Business Partnership Coordinator will contact you regarding your partnership.  As a partner in education with The School District of Palm Beach County, you can help prepare today's students to become tomorrow's responsible, accomplished, and self-confident leaders. Your participation will also help forge the type of employees your company desires and needs. Your commitment to each student's success provides a community minded model for our future adults

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