Wanda Paul
Wanda F. Paul

The Chief Operating Officer is responsible for administrative oversight of school operations and ensuring alignment with the School District's mission, goals and strategic plan.

The mission of the Operations Division is to safely transport students to and from school, provide nutritional meals, ensure a safe environment and create building environments conducive to learning.


Supporting schools and the Academic division to raise student achievement and provide a safe, secure learning environment is our paramount duty. The departments below all play a vital role in serving the District's students and employees throughout Palm Beach County.

Facilities Management
The Division of Facilities Management focuses on The School District's Vision & Mission while providing a safe and pleasant atmosphere for its students and staff, giving them the opportunity to meet their highest potential.

School Food Service
We put “Kids First” in every idea and decision we make. We understand that to be the “Best School Food Service Department in the Country” is a lofty statement, but it provides our staff with the perfection for which we reach.

School Police
The Palm Beach County School Police is committed to promoting a safe, secure learning environment to enhance our youth in obtaining a quality education. They will guide them in a positive and professional manner through student, faculty, and police interaction with emphasis on Respect, Integrity, Service, and Education.

Transportation Services
Transportation Services is dedicated to partnering with schools, families, and communities to provide safe and efficient transportation in support of school programs and services.


Wanda F. Paul
Chief Operating Officer

Email: Wanda.Paul@palmbeachschools.org

Phone:  (561) 357-7573 / PX: 4-7573

Lisa Mead
Administive Assistant-Executive

Email: lisa.mead@palmbeachschools.org

Phone:  (561) 357-7573 / PX: 4-7573

Shirley Knox 
Manager - Compliance/Special Projects

Email: shirley.knox@palmbeachschools.org

Phone:  (561) 434-8832 / PX: 4-8832

James Davis

Email: james.davis@palmbeachschools.org

Phone: (561) 357-7617 / PX:4-7617

Crystal Washington

Email: crystal.washington@palmbeachschools.org

Phone: (561) 357-7538 / PX:4-7538