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Discovery Education is Now Aligned to Common Core!

Find a Lesson Plan - Play an Academic Game - Create a Board

Login to Discovery Streaming Plus through Learning Tools, the portal, or palmbeach.discoveryeducation.
to see the many changes Discovery Education offers. Discovery Streaming now has all teacher classrooms populated with students. Teachers may now find that perfect resource or lesson plan and assign it to their students. Just use the blue arrow in the bottom right of every resource to make assignments or add material to my content.


Board Builder

Discovery Streaming Plus (https://l.sdpbc.net/3fre3) is a comprehensive digital service supplementing instruction across all K-12 curricular areas, Streaming Plus helps educators create technology-rich, relevant learning experiences for students. Discovery Education Streaming Plus’ digital resources are aligned to state standards and are searchable, and include media types featured in the video above. Teacher resources in Streaming Plus include lesson plans, instructional strategies and content collections organized around themes, as well as including instructional videos, skill builders, writing prompts, multimedia activities and articles.

Need ideas?  50 Ways to Use Board Builder

Streaming with Common Core

Streaming Plus now offers even more digital resources to engage students, along with practical strategies for implementing the Common Core and hundreds of model lessons and performance tasks.  Discovery Education provides comprehensive resources to implement the Common Core including lesson plans, engaging instructional resources, and assessments all in one place.


How Do I Log On?

NEW!!! Your network ID is now tied to your Discovery Steaming account!

Please make sure you see palmbeach in the web address. 

The direct link is palmbeach.discoveryeducation.com.  You may also login through the portal, Learning Tools or Blender.

Username = District network login

Password = District network password

Are you at the correct school site? 

If you are not, please complete this form and you will be moved to the

correct school within 24hours. 

Students may now login to Discovery!

Username = District network login

Password = District network password

Students will not appear in the Classroom Manager Tab

until they have logged in at least one time. 

Classes have already been pre-populated for you!  Just click the blue arrow Blue Arrowsto create assignments, quizzes and writing prompts to your class!




Have You Heard About the DEN and SOS?

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The FREE Discovery Educator Network (DEN) is a global community of educators passionate about teaching with digital media, sharing resources, collaborating, and networking. Join the DEN and receive free training kits, professional development resources and access to special events.

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Creative, research-based instructional strategies, presented by teachers for teachers. These simple instructional strategies incorporate digital media in meaningful, effective, and practical ways. Add an SOS Strategies to any lesson to excite and engage students.

View Strategies by Skill 



Available Trainings

Please go to eLearning Management for upcoming Discovery Education training's.

1.  Attend a Webinar!  Weekly Webinars are offered on Google and Discovery Education.  Check the schedule to determine which one you would like to attend.
2.  An eLearning Management course is available on all things Discovery Education.  Enroll in the course and earn up to 10 in-service points.

3. There are many tutorials available in the DE Streaming site. Log in -> Professional Development (at the top, right-hand side) -> Choose top blue bar "Exploring Discovery Education streaming"

3. Most Library Media Specialists in the 21st Century LMS program have already been trained and can provide this staff development for your teachers. Check with your Media Specialist.

4. If you do not have a trainer at your school, please contact your school's Professional Development Contact (PDC) and if your PDC is interested in bringing a trainer to your school, you may request training (complete request form). Helpful resources to consider when planning a workshop:

For Hands-On (preferred):
1. A lab setting with computer, project and sound (latest version of Quicktime and Windows Media Player installed on all of the computers)
2. A block of at least 90 minutes

For a Demonstration:
1. At least 50 minutes
2. Computer, project and sound (latest version of Quicktime and Windows Media Player installed on all of the computers)

5. Watch "What You Didn't Know You Couldn't Live Without:  Discovery Education Media Types" to learn about all the types of activities you can use in your classroom.

6. Attend a Discovery Webinar from anywhere in the world for free.


Educational Technology Contact



Melissa Matthews

PX 48128


Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I save my videos?

  • Take advantage of the MY CONTENT and QUICKLIST features in DE Streaming. This will allow you to save your videos online and wherever you login to Discovery, your files will be available.
  • You can also save your videos to your desktop, temporarily. Just remember, anything saved to your desktop is not backed up and should be deleted after usage.
  • DO NOT save videos to your school's MY DOCUMENTS folder.

I already downloaded the video, but it won't play!

  • In the settings tab - your Media Streaming settings should be H.264 300K.  If not, please select that video type.
  • Check with your School Tech who may need to update your media player or call the IT Service Desk. Still having trouble? Your tech should contact the IT Service desk.

How can I share the videos/images/articles/speeches, etc. with my students?

  • Your students can log on with their district credentials. You may assign an asset to a student or class to watch.  You may also post the link in Edmodo or Edline. Be sure to explain in your directions that they must log on first. CAI credentials will not give your students access to the resources.
  • You can create assignments in DE Streaming's Builder Tools. Log in FIRST then click this link for a brief tutorial.