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State law requires School Boards to collectively bargain with recognized employee organizations. The Department of Labor Relations represents the School Board and the Superintendent in negotiations with four employee organizations:

Chief Responsibilities of The Department of Labor Relations fall in the areas of negotiation and contract administration, however we are also part of the management team and union-management task forces that study such issues as professionalism of education reform, performance pay, health benefits, bilingual education, and school safety. We also assist staff in contract administration that includes formulating policies that comply with contract agreements, and suggesting solutions to recurring contract issues.  On a day-to-day basis we handle administrators' concerns about union activities, investigate charges of contract violations, resolve conflicts between our bargaining units and administrators, and provide advice and counsel on grievance matters.  Working in conjunction with Area Superintendents we serve as a conduit between employees with questions or complaints regarding contract issues and their appropriate union representatives, and respond to formal Letters of Inquiry analyzing the issues addressed when necessary.

In any organization that employs thousands of employees working under federal regulations, state laws, union contracts and school board rules, there are bound to be disagreements.  Many of these are resolved at the School Board and Area levels.  Some end up in hearings before the Public Employees Relations Commission (PERC), some before a Special Magistrate, some before an arbiter, and some in court.  We assist the Board's legal counsel with the preparation for labor law related litigation such as:  PERC hearings, Impasse Resolution, Arbitration, Unfair Labor Practice charges, and District Court appeals.