Capital Projects
Administers the design and construction of new, replacement schools, additions, major and minor remodeling and renovation, and other capital improvements of existing facilities.
Relocatable Classrooms
Executes the planning department's schedule of relocation and placement of new and existing portable classrooms throughout the District. 
Provides roof repairs and/or replacement for schools and ancillary facilities.  

Classroom Technology

Technology121013Rev004Classroom Technology projects include replacement of old technology and installation of new technology in the District’s classrooms for optimum teaching efficiency. The department is responsible for the design and construction of projectors, sound field enhancement, screens, cabinetry, DVD players and other devices in an efficient and economic fashion to support the academic process.


Security121013004_000Security Projects are a high priority in keeping our schools and facilities safe and secure. The projects include fencing, camera coverage, door buzzers and access way video devices, and creating functional monitored single-point-of-entry to our campuses and facilities. The department works collaboratively with School Police, information Technology and Purchasing to address priority issues.  


Commissioning Quality Assurance Section

Commission2008Commissioning (Cx) is responsible for the ongoing commissioning activities to proactively monitor and test the energy-powered building systems performance. It follows guidelines provided by the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) organization. Quality Assurance provides the enforcement of warranty rights by claiming services or products from the service provider or manufacturer.



ADA and CSIR Requirements

ADACSIR002Facilities Construction is responsible for facility modifications for ADA (disability accommodations) and CSIR (safety) issues. The District Transition Plans bring ADA and CSIR into compliance with the Federal ADA provisions. This program will progressively address accessibility issues over the next decade on a basis of priority established by the Building Official. The District’s facilities are inspected in detail on an annual basis by certified trained fire/life safety inspectors, to ensure compliance with safety regulations governing the design, construction and operation of schools and ancillary facilities. Serious issues, if any, are addressed immediately. Other issues, such as those that result from code changes, are handled on a prioritized basis as well.


DSC0124HVAC019Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning (HVAC) projects are managed by this group and are a priority in keeping our facilities comfortable with proper temperature and humidity control. This prevents Indoor Air Quality issues, and enhances the learning environment. Aging HVAC equipment requires continuous upgrade, replacement, and modifications. HVAC modifications are also required to support new educational programs. Pumps and valves components include controls, and changes to ducting, exhaust, fans, VAV boxes compressors, condensers and air flow balancing.

BEMP Section

BEMP2002Addresses issues pertaining to the roof, windows and doors of a building to ensure the facility is weather tight and without water intrusion. School exteriors are made water resistant on a periordic schedule. 





Facilities Construction is committed to providing safe and secure facilities through the planning, design, and construction of educational and ancillary facilities for students and staff.


The Department of Facilities Construction oversees and monitors the construction of new schools, as well as the renovations, and remodeling of existing schools from conception and acquisition of design, through bidding, construction and occupancy, for contract compliance and project performance. Additional services include relocatable classrooms, and projects related to building envelope, HVAC, safety, security, roofing, classroom technology, Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements, and changes to existing facilities resulting from Comprehensive Safety Inspection Reports (CSIR).

Facilities Construction collaborates with various departments to ensure work on projects is being performed within the boundaries of cost, schedule, and scope as authorized by the School Board.

Green Schools

The concept of building “Green” facilities is to build-in ideas that reduce the cost of a facility over its full life cycle while improving the occupied environment. Green Schools lower operating costs and increase asset value, conserve energy, water and other resources, are healthier and safer for occupants   and   often  qualify   for  money-saving incentives, like tax rebates and energy rate reductions. The District has so far used the certification process of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) called “LEED”, which stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design.

The School District desires to reduce energy use and to be good stewards of our natural resources, while also reducing expenditures. The District also desires that schools take an active role in managing energy consumption on their campuses. In order to achieve these goals, the District is offering a monetary incentive program that rewards schools for reducing their energy consumption on a yearly basis.