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The Construction Purchasing Department provides all of the contractual services required for major School District construction projects, including new construction, re-construction, modifications and modernizations when the estimated project cost is $300,000 or more.  Those services include development of all solicitations, organization and supervision of the selection process, vendor qualification, contract negotiations and preparation of the contract for all construction occurring in the School District of Palm Beach County.

Other services include ensuring all documents, processes and recommended awards are in accord with all applicable State of Florida, Statutes, Regulations and School Board Policies, from the initial advertisement for Request for Proposals through the Notice to Proceed to the selected contractor.

During this process, the Construction Purchasing Department schedules and coordinates activities in the selection and contracting process with other Departments, including but not limited to Program Management, Maintenance & Plant Operations, Building Code Services and Office of Diversity in Business Practices.

Current Project Advertisements

We encourage potential vendors to visit our e-procurement service and register on-line at to view, download and be notified of Current Project Advertisements. The vendor registration is intended for use in identifying vendors desiring to receive solicitations released by the Purchasing Department of the School District of Palm Beach County, Florida.

All bidders on projects including Design Build and CM at Risk, must be licensed pursuant to Florida Statutes, Chapter 489.125 and/or 489.527 (1991 Edition) and be a Prequalified Contractor pursuant to Florida Statutes 1013.46, SREF 4.1(8) and Board Policy 7.08 prior to bid opening. The successful Bidder will be required to furnish a 100% Performance Bond (Form No. 00610-PB) and Labor and Material Payment Bond (Form No. 00610-LMPB).

PLEASE NOTE: The following link to the Current Bid/RFP Opportunities are provided for informational purposes only. The content of the information provided for each project may vary from that published in the official document. The official document should be obtained only by logging in at which will register the potential proposer for receipt of subsequent information such as addendums, etc.

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