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Dianne L. Howard, ARM
Director of Risk & Benefits Management

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It is our hope that you will visit this site often in order to stay current with all that we have to offer as it relates to your safety, health and overall well-being.  This site is your resource to the most up to date information on Risk & Benefit programs and procedures.  We want to help you stay safe, stay informed, stay in touch, and most importantly stay well.

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1095-C_View_Print-Instructions2018Final- If you provide consent for us to provide your 1095-C electronically, please click the link to view and/or print your 2018 1095-C form.  This form is made available for you to print and keep with your tax records.  The IRS does not require that you file this form with your taxes. For thoses who did not provide consent, forms will be mailed not later ch



Risk & Safety

Risk Management administers various parts of the safety, insurance, and risk management programs for the School District of Palm Beach County.  

Our section is responsible for overseeing three key areas that include:  Employee and student safety including accident investigation, property and casualty insurance programs, student athletic insurance, workers' compensation, and return-to-work program, claim and litigation management, employee occupational health program, and playground inspection and approval.


Benefits provide information and services related to core pre-tax benefit programs such as insurance plans and services which include, medical, dental, vision, employee basic life, disability, and flexible spending accounts. Additionally, you will find information on voluntary after-tax benefit programs such as supplemental employee, spouse, and dependent life, short and long-term disability plans. Saving for the future is available through Tax Sheltered Investment (TSA/403(b)/Special Retirement 401(a) plans.

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Wellness seeks to establish a workplace that encourages and supports a healthy lifestyle by integrating health promotion activities and resources that help to enhance health & well-being. Our goal is to keep people healthy, reduce the risk factors among at-risk members and improve the health of those who already have chronic conditions by encouraging them to make lifestyle changes. To do this we give employees easy access to the resources needed to make well-informed decisions about their health and health care.

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Please follow the links below for assistance in the following areas:

Critical incident training Braxton Davis (561)494-1562  (PX 81562)
Security    School Police (561)434-8700  (PX 48700)
Fire inspections Building Dept (561) 882-1927 (PX21927)
Weather incident planning Risk Management (561)357-7578 (PX 47578)
Lightning Safety Weather Safety (561)357-7578 (PX 47578)
ESE Evacuation Routes Risk Management (561)357-7578 (PX 47578)
Student health issues Dr. Merris  Smith (561)494-1588  (PX 81588)



The mission and goals of Risk & Benefit Management are to provide comprehensive benefits, safety and risk management program that is fiscally responsible and furthers the District's goals of achievement for all.