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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the meal prices?

Elementary Breakfast = Free
Elementary Lunch = $2.05
(Reduced Price = $.40)
Secondary Breakfast = Free
Secondary Lunch = $ 2.30
(Reduced Price = $.40)


Are school meals healthy?

  • Yes. The School Food Service Chef, Registered Dieticians, and Cafeteria Managers develop the menus with a variety of choices and nutritional integrity.  Meals are planned to meet the Dietary Guidelines for key nutrients and calories for growing children. Our school kitchens utilize oven-baked or steamed cooking methods; foods are never deep fried. In addition, a variety of fresh fruits, vegetables, and low-fat milks are available every day in every school across the district.

What should a parent do if their child has a special dietary need?

  • The School Food Service (SFS) Department serves as a resource for parents who have children with special dietary needs.  Please have parents reach out to Jamie McCarthy at 561-383-2059 if they need special accommodations for allergies or assistance with menu items. They may also visit the “Special Dietary Needs” web page at for more information.

How does a child access his account when paying?

  • Elementary students are assigned a 3 digit PIN.  You are able to obtain this information from your cafeteria manager OR on the District’s prepayment system
  • Middle and High School students use their student ID number.

Can a parent be notified when their child’s account is low on funds?

How are parents notified that their child’s account is overdrawn?

  • When a child’s account is overdrawn in any amount
    • A note is given to the child by the cashier (for all schools)
    • A phone call is placed to the phone number on record every Wednesday and Sunday until the account is no longer negative (for all accounts with negative balances)

What happens if a child goes to get breakfast or lunch and they have no money?

  • Breakfast is FREE to all students in Palm Beach County Schools
  • For the first 10 days of the school year the charge limit is increased:
    • Elementary school children can charged up to $16.40
    • Children in 6th grade can charge up to $13.05
    • Children in 7th and 8th grade can charge up to $6.90
  • As of August 28th we will revert to standard practice:
    • Elementary can charge up to 3 meals without funds after which a replacement entrée will be provided
    • Middle and High School can charge up to 1 meal without funds after which a replacement meal will be provided

What is a “replacement entrée”?

  • After reevaluation, the replacement entrée for elementary schools consists of a turkey and cheese sandwich (an item on the menu every day). The student will still be allowed to get the other items that they had selected to make a reimbursable meal.  Secondary school students will receive a cheese sandwich with a juice or milk.

If a student was on a FREE or REDUCED meal status last year does that carry over this year?

  • Yes, but ONLY until September 26th! On the 27th of September the student will have to pay his or her meal.  They still must apply again to continue to receive benefits for the new school year.  They can apply online line at or a paper application can be completed and given to the cafeteria manager.  If a sibling is new to the District the benefits will be extended to the sibling until September 26th as well.

Does a new student to the District receive free lunches?

  • No.  Either they can put money on their child’s account at, they can send money with their child, or they can submit an application for meal benefits.  Until the application is processed and the child qualifies for free benefits, money will need to be provided for meals.

What food or beverage can we sell on campus?

  • Smart Snacks in School as required by the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010, put nutrition standards in place for all foods and beverages sold outside of the school meals program to include items sold as a la carte, as fundraising and in school stores/vending machines.  Restrictions are also in place for times when snacks can be served.  For more information please visit our website at or contact the SFS Manager for more information.