Student & Family Handbook

The purpose of the Student and Family Handbook is to communicate the expectations, policies, procedures and practices for the school year for all of our students and their families.

Student Code of Conduct

The Code of Student Conduct is the District's policy that creates a safe learning environment to ensure academic success.

To assist students, parents, guardians, administrators, and school personnel in maintaining a safe and supportive environment, the Code of Student Conduct will:

  • describe rights and responsibilities of all students and parents/guardians;
  • describe the responsibilities of District staff;
  • identify prevention strategies;
  • identify classifications of incidents and describe corrective strategies for minor behavioral incidents and disciplinary consequences involving suspension or expulsion for egregious incidents;
  • standardize procedures for administering disciplinary actions;
  • describe rights of disabled students related to discipline; and
  • codify the protections for ELL students and LEP families related to discipline